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Important for the survival of the massive Lungenembolie are rapid diagnosis and prompt surgical embolectomy. Nineteen days after massive Lungenembolie traffic accident, a year-old patient who had complex ligamentous injuries massive Lungenembolie operated upon on both knees during general anaesthesia. To confirm the diagnosis of an acute pulmonary embolism, we performed transoesophageal echocardiography TEE and found a large amount of free-floating material in the right atrium, a dilated and hypokinetic right ventricle, and a collapsed left ventricle Fig.

Embolectomy was immediately started using the inflow-occlusion technique massive Lungenembolie by cardiopulmonary bypass CPB. All emboli were removed from the right atrium and pulmonary artery Fig. During closure of the sternotomy, heart function was monitored by TEE and we again noted large emboli in the right atrium Massive Lungenembolie. To remove these, we reinstated CPB and then placed an inferior vena massive Lungenembolie filter.

The final TEE control showed free heart chambers with good contractility Fig. The postoperative course of the patient was without complications, massive Lungenembolie he left the hospital 41 days after the operation without sequelae from the massive pulmonary embolism. Intraoperative diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism with shock is difficult. Clinical signs are unspecific and are rarely present during massive Lungenembolie anaesthesia.

ECG changes may occur only later. As a result of the persistent shock, the pulse oximeter no longer works properly and the decrease in end-tidal CO 2 may be explained by other reasons such as low cardiac output from a myocardial infarction.

In please click for source situation, TEE is a very useful method for quickly confirming the diagnosis of massive pulmonary embolism. In addition, we have shown massive Lungenembolie TEE is effective in detecting new emboli after an embolectomy.

We conclude that TEE is a life-saving diagnostic tool that is useful for confirming acute pulmonary embolism and controlling the efficacy of embolectomy. Massive pulmonale Thromboembolien mit Kreislaufzusammenbruch führen meist continue reading zum Tod des Patienten. Entscheidend für das Überleben sind die schnelle Diagnose und die unverzügliche, operative Embolektomie.

Wir berichten über einen 67jährigen Patienten, der 19 Tage nach einem Unfall an beiden Kniegelenken operiert wurde. Massive Lungenembolie kam es zu einem akuten Kreislaufversagen. Durch transösophageale Echokardiographie TEE konnte eine Thromboembolie in den massive Lungenembolie Vorhof und in die Arteria pulmonalis bestätigt werden.

Sofort wurde eine operative Embolektomie durchgeführt. Der Patient überlebte die Eingriffe ohne Folgeschäden. Unser Fall demonstriert eindrücklich den Wert der TEE nicht nur für die Diagnose intraoperativer Lungenembolien, sondern auch für die Erfolgskontrolle nach operativer Embolektomie. Part of Springer Nature. Skarvan Cite this article as: Pargger, H. Anaesthesist November Massive intraoperative Lungenembolie. Departement Massive Lungenembolie, Universitätskliniken, Kantonsspital Basel CH 2.

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